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Antifouling Stripper

Antifouling Stripper
€ 32.00
Antifouling stripper
Deze verfstripper is speciaal ontwikkeld voor het verwijdere van oude antifouling lagen. 

Verkrijgbaar in 750ml of 2,5l 

AS: Antifouling, enamel and varnish stripper

· New technology stripper: non agressive for gelcoat neither epoxy primers.Nautix AS is made of degradable products. For the best applicator protection, Nautix AS do not produce dust. 100% of wastes can be collected in a bin. (EC directive).
· Apply a thick coat over a 1 sqm area. Leave 30mn to impregnate.
· Scrape off with a metalic spatula. 
· Clean with Nautix DA or Sd and sand with 320 paper grade when dry. 
· A full stripping is recomended every 3 seasons.
· Packing : 0,75L - 2,5 L
· Coverage : 3-4m²/Litre.
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